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My first album “Virtuosity” is relaxing, easy to listen to solo guitar. Virtuosity: a skill possessed by a person in the performance of music.

My love for the Classical Guitar has grown over the past two decades. I began to learn the piano when I was seven, then took up the violin when I was nine. Just before my eleventh birthday I was badly burnt leaving my hands and body scarred with 3rd degree burns. My left hand was particularly affected with the loss of the last joint of my fifth finger and the fusion of the second joint of that finger and the first joint of my fourth finger. Thanks ot eh love and encouragement of my family and friends and the work of the doctors and staff at the Camperdown Hospital for Children I recovered and returned to my home town of Kempsey, NSW. During my recovery, in fact only a week or so after I left hospital, I attended a classical guitar concert. The guitarists were Jan Carter and Alfred Alexander. I was absolutely captivated. After the concert I met Jan and showed her my hands. I asked her whether she thought I would eventually be able to learn the guitar. She told me she did not see any reason why I shouldn’t.

It was this encouragement and the fact that a Classical Guitar teacher arrived at my school about 3 weeks later that led me to learn the instrument. Six years later when I was seventeen I sat for the Seventh Grade Classical Guitar Exam through the AMEB. My examiner was none other then Jan! She remains a close friend, always enthusiastic and encouraging – a very special person.

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  1. Andalucia - Traditional Spanish
  2. Spanish Ballad - Traditional Spanish
  3. Largo from Concerto in D Major for Lute & Strings - Antonio Vivaldi
  4. Andante from Trois Canciones Populares Mexicanos - Manuel Ponce
  5. Prelude from Cello Suite No.1 - J.S. Bach
  6. Lagrima - Francisco Tarrega
  7. Adelita - Francisco Tarrega
  8. Folk Song (Three Lullabies) - Traditional Catalan
  9. Quasi adagio - Traditional
  10. Lento - Traditional
  11. Lentamente - Traditional
  12. Jesu Bleibet Meine Freude - J.S. Bach
  13. La Rossignol - Anonymous
  14. Queen Elizabeth’s Galliard - John Dowland
  15. Andante - Roncalli
  16. Air for the G string - J.S. Bach
  17. Aria - Traditional
  18. Scarborough Fair - Traditional (Arranged by D. Fryatt)
  19. Malaguena - Traditional (Arranged by D. Fryatt)

Just Classical

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This is my second CD . Again as was the case with my first album Virtuosity, this CD features more of my favourite music. There are a number of contemporary pieces included on this album, in contrast to my first CD however in keeping with the style of “Virtuosity”, the music on Just classical is just classical guitar. I have composed two short pieces for this album - “La Hermosa” ( the Beauty) which has a Spanish influence and “Delma’s Prelude” which is written for my wife, and celebrates her enthusiasm for life’s experiences.

My day job – as a Family and Criminal Lawyer and Mediator – is often fairly stressful. I find time however, to spend outside work hours, to teach a small number of very keen students. Not only of I find this relaxing, but it is also rewarding to be able to have the opportunity to interact with them, and help others who share my passion for the guitar. I have also rekindled my interest in the piano and have two young and devoted students who constantly challenge my ability to keep their lessons interesting.

I need to thank everyone who has supported the sale and distribution of my first CD, by telling their friends and relatives about the music, and helping to make it a success. The coverage from ABC FM brought a startling response from the point of view of sales, and I thank the ABC for their continued support.

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  1. Cavatina - Stanley Myers
  2. Private Investigations - Mark Knopfler
  3. Receudos de la Alhambra - Francisco Eixea Tarrega
  4. Melancholy Galliard - John Dowland
  5. El Vito - Traditional Spanish
  6. Sarabande - Francis Poulenc
  7. Adagio - Antonio Vivaldi
  8. Greensleeves - Traditional (Arranged by D. Fryatt)
  9. Gavotte en Rondeau - J.S. Bach
  10. La Hermosa - David John Fryatt
  11. Ave Maria - Franz Schubert
  12. Canon in D - Johann Pachabel
  13. Study in A minor - Anonymous
  14. Delma’s Prelude - David John Fryatt
  15. Canarios - Gaspar Sanz
  16. Double from Partita in B minor for violin - J.S. Bach
  17. La Cumparsita - Gerardo Matos Rodriguez
  18. Sound of Bells - Joao Teixeira Guimaraes
  19. Capricho Arabe - Francisco Eixea Terrega
  20. Classical Gas - Mason Douglas Williams

Classical Flair

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This CD features a number of my own arrangements of popular music, which I have been performing over the last few years. The music on this album is solely classical guitar. However, I have multi tracked four of the pieces, namely the three Brazilian folk tunes, and Burn for you . I learned to play the Brazilian folk tunes with a talented classical guitarist, Danny Notley, who introduced me to these pieces when we were playing guitar together in 2004. Si Beag Si Mor is a tune I learnt while playing in a local Irish band, Paddymelon . I am grateful to Jeff and Jeanette Miller and Charlie Forrest, for the experiences I gained while playing with the band. This piece was a particular favourite for us, and I have arranged it for solo guitar.

The album also features my arrangement of the haunting second movement of Rodrigo s Concerto de Aranjeuz. This piece is a favourite for audiences and my students as well. The third piece on the CD, Flair , is my composition, and is the title track. I have also recorded an arrangement of Albinoni's Adagio in G minor, originally scored for organ and strings, which I heard when my wife Delma and I were in Venice in 2004. While walking through the streets we heard this piece being placed by a guitarist, I decided then I would learn it, and I managed to find the music in Barcelona, and made it part of my repertoire.

My friend, Labby Kaladis gave me a Greek book of classical guitar music, which contained the two popular Spanish dances. I have made some further adaptations to the pieces, and they appear on the album.

Some of the music on the CD has emanated from pieces that I have found in my search for new and interesting music to teach to my students. They have encouraged me to record the music we have been learning together.

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  1. Adagio from Concerto De Aranjeuz - Joaquin Rodrigo (Arranged by D. Fryatt)
  2. Burn for You - P Buckle, J Farnham and R Fraser (Arranged by D. Fryatt)
  3. Flair - David John Fryatt
  4. Imagine - John Lennon (Arranged by D. Fryatt)
  5. Rumba - Robin Pearson
  6. Spanish Dance No 1 - Nikos Froudarakis (Arranged by D. Fryatt)
  7. Spanish Dance No 2 - Nikos Froudarakis (Arranged by D. Fryatt)
  8. Yesterday - Paul McCartney and John Lennon (Arranged by D. Fryatt)
  9. Cancao - Traditional Brazilian
  10. A Rosa Vermelha - Traditional Brazilian
  11. A Caroa Virou - Traditional Brazilian
  12. Stairway to Heaven - Jimmy Page and Robert Plant
  13. Ejercicio - Jose Ferrer
  14. Andantino - Matteo Carcassi
  15. Rumba Cancion Popular - Juan Martin
  16. Hotel California - D Felder, G Frey and D Henley (Arranged by D. Fryatt)
  17. Largo from Concerto for Harpsichord - Johann Sebastian Bach
  18. Suite Del Receurdo - Jose Luis Merlin
  19. Si Beag Si Mor - O’Carolan (Arranged by D. Fryatt)
  20. Adagio - Albinoni

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